On November the 8th 2017, Politecnico di Torino hosted the first “Scientific Day” of the new POLITO INTERDEPARTMENTAL CENTRE FOR SERVICE ROBOTICS – PIC4SeR. The centre will officially kick off on Dec. 6th. Among the first applications for service robotics there is the Precision Agriculture, also one of the most interesting for the FANTASTIC project.

The event put together 40 people, from professors to PhD students, who will contribute to the development of drones, robots, terrestrial autonomous vehicles of the future. Politecnico di Torino decided to invest significant resources, establishing a competence center that gathers qualified skills from 5 departments, with the support of other research centres and companies.
The goal of the PIC4SeR Centre is to create a common physical environment, as well as a community, in which tools and skills can reside to organically synthesize the characteristics of different application scenario’s (precision agriculture, smart cities, search&rescue, patrolling and early warning systems, life support for elderly and disabled people, rehabilitation, archaeological survey/security/protection, etc.) and their related robotic experimental solutions.

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