Field Aware Navigation and Timing Authentication Sensor for Timing Infrastructure and Centimeter level positioning
Developing enabling technologies to allow for a leap of professional GNSS applications over three use case scenarios
The FANTASTIC solution aims to be a key component in professional positioning and timing applications. Based on an innovative “field aware” antenna technology combined with a multi-frequency receiver, leveraging on Galileo-specific features, such as the Commercial Service, pilot channels and frequency diversity, it will substantially broaden the scope of professional GNSS applications, making them work in harsher conditions, where they can’t today.

Commercial Service based Precise Positioning

Innovations introduced in this project will be based on the processing of the Galileo E6 Commercial Service, that with its enhanced navigation message is expected to improve current PPP performance.

Construction Machines and Tractors Control

Galileo specific signals features are exploited to enable the improvement of RTK availability and reliability mainly in harsh environment, where the received signal impairments can be mitigated.

Trusted GNSS Based Timing for Infrastructures

A first step towards secure commercial products will be made by implementing time authentication as well as spoofing detection and mitigation algorithms based on the Galileo authenticated signals.