In this page are listed all the videos realized in the framework of the FANTASTIC project and published on YouTube.

In this video we show the typical data collection session realized by our researcher from LINKS Foundation in collaboration with the Agriculture Department of the University of Turin – DISAFA at their premises in Grugliasco, near Turin.

The FANTASTIC team performed accurate measurements in order to determine the mutual orientation of the elements: the FANTASTIC antennas and the SPAN unit. This re-calibration follows the detection of some slight misalignments from the post processing of the data collected in January 2019.

This section contains all the news with a video from Twitter, YouTube or other media.

February 2019 update – Video

Finally the snow is gone! In the last days we were able to start a new set of data collections with the FANTASTIC receiver and antennas. The following video shows the typical data collection session realized in collaboration with the Department of Agricultural, Forest...