Today, October the 11th 2018, Marco PIni from ISMB, partner of FANTASTIC, presented the paper Dependancy of power grids to satellite-derived time: vulnerabilities and new protections at the 2018 International Telecommunications Energy Conference – INTELEC, held in Torino, Italy from Oct 7-11, 2018. The GNSS receivers vulnerabilities’ topic raised several questions and curiosity among the attendees. This presentation increased the awareness on the problem of interference against GNSS receivers installed in power grids as timing source in the “Energy Community”, a community that is not really aware about this potential threat. Pini talked also about the advantages coming from the authentication service provided by the Galileo system. The audience was very receptive and curious about the issue, having raised several questions. The conference represented a great opportunity to disseminate the concepts studied and developed in FANTASTIC.

The participation to this conference was relevant: it demonstrated to the scientists working on energy systems possibile evolutions of the GNSS technologies, that will increase the resiliance of applications dependent upon GNSS signals. In fact, GNSS is usually associated to a commodity, always available and reliable, but this is not the case, especially in the presence of interfering signals, either intentional or not. In the next future the potential threats are expected to increase, therefore interference monitoring techniques and enhanced signal formats are of utmost importance.

INTELEC® is an international annual technical conference which, for the past thirty-nine years, has been the premier forum for the science and engineering of energy systems for Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). Research and technical papers explore the needs and trends in the subject areas of power conversion, energy storage, and high-reliability and mission-critical powering infrastructure. Topics include DC power plants, powering architectures, converters, inverters, batteries, fuel cells, grounding, physical and thermal designs, building and equipment cooling systems.

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