In this first week of June 2019, the FANTASTIC team carried on a new and very intense test campaign in three different locations, each one unique for different reasons. All the tests were carried on in collaboration with the Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences of the University of Turin.

1 – A vineyard on a hill near Alba, in the Langhe region, where the electric cart used for our tests was at the limit of its traction capability. It’s important to underline that, among the benefits of the FANTASTIC device, there is the attitude computation based on both dual antenna and integrated inertial measurement unit. For that reason, we chose a vineyard placed on a particularly steep hill. The precise measurement of the roll and pitch is one of the requirements for the use of vehicles in these environments.

2 – An apple field characterized by the height of the trees and the anti-hail nets.

3 – A kiwi field, where the foliage is very dense and sometimes it can cover the sky view.