In these first days of May 2019, the FANTASTIC team is starting to prepare the setup for a test in the vineyards that will be used for a part of the final tests of the project. Such tests aim at comparing the performances of FANTASTIC receivers and antenna with some benchmark receivers in RTK mode.

G. Marucco from LINKS Foundation is setting up the base station in Serralunga (Italy)

In order to carry on the tests we needed to check if a reliable provision of GNSS differential corrections was possible in this specific area. Therefore, we placed a GNSS base station in a location with an excellent view of the sky: the top of a hill. After that, we walked downhill in the vineyard with a PC in order to log corrections from the base station. Both the base station and the PC were connected to the cellular network and the corrections were dispatched and received through it. Despite the field strength was not very high, we did not experience any correction loss.