FANTASTIC Use Case Scenarios

Commercial Service based Precise Positioning

Innovations introduced in this project will be based on the processing of the Galileo E6 Commercial Service, that with its enhanced navigation message is expected to improve current PPP performance.

Precise Point Positioning is the preferred positioning technique in many applications such as precision agriculture, off-shore applications and scientific applications, in particular at remote locations where augmentation signals can be received via satellite link; however there are availability limitations of the current commercial services which are based on geostationary satellites, due to their visibility problems. The Galileo High Accuracy Service will overtake this issue thanks to the provision of the service through its moving constellation.

FANTASTIC will develop the technology for the optimal exploitation of the PPP data provided by the Galileo High Accuracy Service. The PPP solution availability will be enhanced thanks to:

  • the reduction of the solution convergence time, which means having an accurate solution in less time,
  • the improvement of multipath mitigation, which means having more measurements to exploit with proficiency for the PPP solution.