FANTASTIC Use Case Scenarios

Construction Machines and Tractors Control

Galileo specific signals features are exploited to enable the improvement of RTK availability and reliability mainly in harsh environment, where the received signal impairments can be mitigated.

Phase based positioning is a critical technology for controlling and monitoring machines in large construction projects and precise agriculture. For example, machine implements can be monitored precisely to keep track on digging works; in agriculture, the GNSS sensor is used to put in place bedders or seeds evenly or to automatically guide tractors. Given the scale of the works and machines, reliability and availability of positioning are extremely important. It must be noted that phase measurement quality, which is fundamental to achieve centimeter level accuracy, is considerably affected by signals disturbances. The techniques developed by FANTASTIC will enhance the suitability of a Galileo based GNSS receiver as high-reliability positioning sensor. The specific antenna and receiver design is conceived to maximize the advantages provided by Galileo, enabling the selection of the best signals and the mitigation of interference.