FANTASTIC Use Case Scenarios

Trusted GNSS Based Timing for Infrastructures

A first step towards secure commercial products will be made by implementing time authentication as well as spoofing detection and mitigation algorithms based on the Galileo authenticated signals.

Timing is critical in many types of infrastructure such as telecommunication networks, electrical power distribution, financial transactions and transportations. GPS is currently used for precise absolute timing, but it lacks of security being the civil signal sensitive to spoofing attacks. (Spoofing is the transmission of counterfeit GNSS-like signals, with the intent to produce a false information within the victim receiver). Spoofing resistance can be provided by governmental satellite navigation signals (P/M-code, PRS), but they are typically only accessible by operators involved in military operations and involve large overhead.

Galileo authentication is expected to offer an excellent solution for this, taking advantage of the possibility to exploit navigation data authentication as planned for the Open service and the Spreading Code Encryption (SCE) for the Commercial Service. FANTASTIC  will develop a Galileo centred timing source that will be demonstrated in the frame of the project.